Senin, 12 Januari 2015

Most people around me are just like thinking in negative ways, why i called them like that? Someday, as a hrd recruitnent staff in my office, lot of other employee ask me to referrence their friends, or family for applying some position that i've been looking for. OKay i accept all of their application letter, meanwhile, on the otherside i'm so thankfull for them to helping me to fill the position. When i accept their application letter, i just said "okay, i will check this resume, if he/she is ok, i will invite them to next procedure of recruitment"
I never make some promise to them, promise like : the candidates (which is their friends or family) will be sure to join our company as a new employee, nope! Never! But they're getting force me, their trying to ask me why? Sometimes i said to them " no position fix to your friend" or "just wait until 2 weeks,  if succed, your brother  will get a next appointment to next step" but they keep asking me like, the company is never accepted them because they are from you. Helloooo... dont judge us like that.
As a recruitment staff, one of the most jobdesc is fullfill all the position needed for company. Every resume or application letters really makes me happy to read them and want to process all of them to next level. I dont think, or we dont think the candidates comes from. Clearly, the result of the candidates process are depends on THEMSELVES!. good or not while psychotest and how they act while interview. Because, sometimes most of them are become over hope the process, maybe they were very very sure that they can accept, because they know someone in this office. What?  Without effort? Effortless? C'mon, just made made up your mind to get a job. You should try to looking for a job just by yourself!

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