Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

Its been a long time no see the concert of korean girl or boyband. Very last concert are last year or last 3 years ago? Hehe... i forgot. I dont have enough budget to see them, just their concert by watching on tv then or youtube.
Now, i've been loving one of the boyband from SM entertainment, yeaaaahhh EXO! I dont know how i become fanatic about their songs after 'overdose' released last year. Since that i started to keep looking about another songs from them, and i love them! Not only their songs.
So, who is my bias? Hahaa... Mostly my bias (or favourite personil in one of the band) is Kai. Maybe sehun too, chanyeol? D.O? Baekhyun? No no no i think all of them are my bias. They are such a cute stuff, we know that they are pre adulthood, they were born between 1990 until 1994.
Some say, after Mnet Asia Music Award last december. They're dont act to be honor with the legend actor in hongkong when they accept the award? Or they are too much? Or their fans are the most problem is? Whatever, keep loving and listen EXO, i'm not a teenage anymore..

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