Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

As a lupus survivor, a.k.a odapus, i often worrying about my condition. Sometime i have feeling so healthy and can do a lot of things, but sometimes and suddenly, world is like stop and i can't do anything. Feeling so sick, hurt and became a troublesome of people around me. Sorry mom, and my sister. Amm actually the truth was, i've been long time didn't see my doctor, hehehe so i've becoming a sweet little disaster one.
Last check up my doctor advice me to take a medicine methylprednisolone for dosis 2 in a day. And last blood check up, the result are normal, anti ds dna (lupus diagnosed and imun start from this blood check) are reduce slowly. Maybe i'm too happy about the condition, and i feeling healthier at that time for a few months later, then i forgot to see the doctor again, hehehee....
After that, that nightmare's coming. in last year i got a headache for several days, less eat and work work work!. Someday i didnt take to eat for breakfast and water, because i was late for work. All i think about that day just for work work and work, and no feel hungry. But in lunch time i'm feeling so sick in my stomach, and i give up to work a day. My mom and my older sister took me to the hospital, see the doctor and he mad of me because i didn't check up for 6 months hehee...
Yeaaahhhh, lupus in my imun system is not a lupus in 2009 ago. More calm and friendly, but when you get lost or doesnt care about it, they are just like battle in my body. So guys, if you are an odapus, please be carefully about this disease, dont be ignore of them, just drink your junkies medecine, and see the doctor.
Anyway, i'm just feeling so sad about this disease. About a long time ago in last year i got the email from an odapus newbie, i am so happy we can share lot of think about our disease. But beside that, it means that lupus imun system has been attack much more people in this world and i really worried about that. Not in a long time then, one of the employee in the company that i've been working now is odapus too (odapus: human with lupus). And yesterday. I got new friend from kalimantan barat as a newbie odapus. Salam kenal ya semuaaaa, tetap semangaat!!
Keep fight in a positive ways.. have a lot of new friends!

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