Selasa, 10 Mei 2016

Since 2009, I was diagnosed with Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). And I’ve been living and learning to love lupus since then.

It's been 8 years live with lupus, Frightened, scared, feel so sick, and tired has been so much haunted me, but i finally pass all of them. I remember the first time i feel so sick when i step my foot in the floor -april  2009-. It was so hurt in my feet and really hard for me to walk, but i keep trying to walk and trying to stand for it. In 2009 was my last year in university, i start to work out for my final task to get my bachelor degree of psychology. I was so happy, excited and also nervous to finish it, and suddenly it was happen, there was something wrong with my body, it was so hurt. Not just in my feet but also my hand, finger, leg, all my body was totally hurt. Another symptoms come one by one like extreme fatigue, painful and swollen joint, pain in chest, sun or light sensitivity, sprue in my mouth, fever, and hair loss makes me so crazy at that time. And finally, the doctor told me that i was diagnosed with lupus.

I say Alhamdulillah and Astaghfirullah after hear that. Why me? What is lupus? Is that okay? I keep searching about this disease, so scared and i was so sad. But i always tell my self thay i am stronger than all of the illness i felt. I know it was getting so tired to be strong, but i have to be cheerful all the time.

Happy World Lupus Day!
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