Selasa, 13 Januari 2015

Do's and Dont's for job seekers

After being an interviewer to fill the position in my company ,  i met a lot of people with different character. I know that, to get a good job is hard to find, mostly for fresh graduate which is doesnt have any experience yet. Then, what about who has one or two years experience? Its all depend on you, how to act, your personality, and first looking in front of the interviewer.

I would like to share my experience since being interviewer. But actually i still need more lesson by everyone who have a lot experience to interviewing candidates. I do proud to my friend who work in hrd too, and they can read the face of candidates. What about me? I cant, i'm still trying to be better to do this job, i cant read their face,hahaaa.. so i rather to inquiries metode very details about candidate.
Okay, tips for job seekers
1. Interviewer pas mencari orang sering mencari cari tahu seberapa semangat kandidat yg diinterview. It doesnt matter if you dont have any experience yet due to fresh grad, just keep telling about your activity everyday. Jangan terkesan dianggap pemalas atau ga ada usaha sama sekali. Lebih bagus kalau di sekolah atau kampus punya banyak kegiatan di organisasi.
2. Kalau melamar lewat orang dalam, keluarga atau teman ada yang kerja di perusahaan itu, dont ever think that you will be accept without effort. Jangan pernah menggampangkan situasi menjadi santai aja atau "ah udah pasti keterima" hello... hari gini masih mengandalkan orang lain?. Bersikaplah seperti kandidat lain yang juga capek cari kerja, show us what is your effort!
3. Mendapat panggilan wawancara itu kadang yang dipanggil ngga cuma 1-2 orang, bahkan bisa satu hari 20 - 30 org, dan yang interview mungkin terbatas sehingga kita harus rela dan sabar menunggu. Apabila ditanya, apa kelebihan kamu? Atau apa kekurangan kamu? Jangan pernah bilang kamu gak suka menunggu. Setelah kamu nunggu lama2 giliran interview terus kamu jawab itu??? Really, no no no.. never guys!
4. Bagi yang udah punya pengalaman, pasti akan ditanya alasan mau keluar kenapa. The answer is, jangan pernah menjelek-jelekkan keadaan perusahaanmu.
5. Berikanlah kesan kalau kamu punya komitmen, motivasi, tidak mudah down, kuat di underpressure dan tantangan. Pasanglah wajah yakin dan cemerlang, hehee...
Itu saja sih tips dari aku yang pernah aku alami. Mudah mudahan berguna yaa, kalo ada lagi tipsnya, i will sharing to you!

Senin, 12 Januari 2015

Yeaaaa finally i have my own calender 2015 now. Even to have the calender is a lil bit to late huh? Hehehee... this cute calender, i got it by ordering from one of instagram online shop 'deroroparty'.. 

Dont you ever think, that we've been so busy and bored about all the activity everyday?? Yes i am. SOmetimes i need some rest and long long holiday just for stay at home, haha... because i feel so bored and i think that i finally here at the comfort zone, but it doesnt meant i decide to write a resign letter rite?? Ha Haa i always think, if i had think to quit, think first why you start...
So i do kind of activity out of my jobdesc, actually cheating on my busy like capturing company factory area..

A lil bit editing by apps, it doesnt matter rite.? Haha...

Most people around me are just like thinking in negative ways, why i called them like that? Someday, as a hrd recruitnent staff in my office, lot of other employee ask me to referrence their friends, or family for applying some position that i've been looking for. OKay i accept all of their application letter, meanwhile, on the otherside i'm so thankfull for them to helping me to fill the position. When i accept their application letter, i just said "okay, i will check this resume, if he/she is ok, i will invite them to next procedure of recruitment"
I never make some promise to them, promise like : the candidates (which is their friends or family) will be sure to join our company as a new employee, nope! Never! But they're getting force me, their trying to ask me why? Sometimes i said to them " no position fix to your friend" or "just wait until 2 weeks,  if succed, your brother  will get a next appointment to next step" but they keep asking me like, the company is never accepted them because they are from you. Helloooo... dont judge us like that.
As a recruitment staff, one of the most jobdesc is fullfill all the position needed for company. Every resume or application letters really makes me happy to read them and want to process all of them to next level. I dont think, or we dont think the candidates comes from. Clearly, the result of the candidates process are depends on THEMSELVES!. good or not while psychotest and how they act while interview. Because, sometimes most of them are become over hope the process, maybe they were very very sure that they can accept, because they know someone in this office. What?  Without effort? Effortless? C'mon, just made made up your mind to get a job. You should try to looking for a job just by yourself!

Minggu, 11 Januari 2015

As a lupus survivor, a.k.a odapus, i often worrying about my condition. Sometime i have feeling so healthy and can do a lot of things, but sometimes and suddenly, world is like stop and i can't do anything. Feeling so sick, hurt and became a troublesome of people around me. Sorry mom, and my sister. Amm actually the truth was, i've been long time didn't see my doctor, hehehe so i've becoming a sweet little disaster one.
Last check up my doctor advice me to take a medicine methylprednisolone for dosis 2 in a day. And last blood check up, the result are normal, anti ds dna (lupus diagnosed and imun start from this blood check) are reduce slowly. Maybe i'm too happy about the condition, and i feeling healthier at that time for a few months later, then i forgot to see the doctor again, hehehee....
After that, that nightmare's coming. in last year i got a headache for several days, less eat and work work work!. Someday i didnt take to eat for breakfast and water, because i was late for work. All i think about that day just for work work and work, and no feel hungry. But in lunch time i'm feeling so sick in my stomach, and i give up to work a day. My mom and my older sister took me to the hospital, see the doctor and he mad of me because i didn't check up for 6 months hehee...
Yeaaahhhh, lupus in my imun system is not a lupus in 2009 ago. More calm and friendly, but when you get lost or doesnt care about it, they are just like battle in my body. So guys, if you are an odapus, please be carefully about this disease, dont be ignore of them, just drink your junkies medecine, and see the doctor.
Anyway, i'm just feeling so sad about this disease. About a long time ago in last year i got the email from an odapus newbie, i am so happy we can share lot of think about our disease. But beside that, it means that lupus imun system has been attack much more people in this world and i really worried about that. Not in a long time then, one of the employee in the company that i've been working now is odapus too (odapus: human with lupus). And yesterday. I got new friend from kalimantan barat as a newbie odapus. Salam kenal ya semuaaaa, tetap semangaat!!
Keep fight in a positive ways.. have a lot of new friends!

Its been a long time no see the concert of korean girl or boyband. Very last concert are last year or last 3 years ago? Hehe... i forgot. I dont have enough budget to see them, just their concert by watching on tv then or youtube.
Now, i've been loving one of the boyband from SM entertainment, yeaaaahhh EXO! I dont know how i become fanatic about their songs after 'overdose' released last year. Since that i started to keep looking about another songs from them, and i love them! Not only their songs.
So, who is my bias? Hahaa... Mostly my bias (or favourite personil in one of the band) is Kai. Maybe sehun too, chanyeol? D.O? Baekhyun? No no no i think all of them are my bias. They are such a cute stuff, we know that they are pre adulthood, they were born between 1990 until 1994.
Some say, after Mnet Asia Music Award last december. They're dont act to be honor with the legend actor in hongkong when they accept the award? Or they are too much? Or their fans are the most problem is? Whatever, keep loving and listen EXO, i'm not a teenage anymore..

Hello girls... sometimes or should be, the girls or women should be like in mysterious way, just like a butterfly, they are pretty to see but hard to catch. On my opinion, if we have a relationship, or single finding someone, looking for someone? We should be like a butterfly, try to open your social side and spread your wings, but we have to remember the limitation of relationship. Jadi orang orang ngga macam macam sama kita. Intinya sih biar orang orang menghormati dan ngga menganggap kita sebagai gampangan. Tentunya ya kita harus pintar yahh hahhaa..
Okay, as a media social user, i often see lot of friends posting bout their relationship with girlfriend and boyfriend. me as a single) haha very happy to see their posting statement. But i really like the happy posting, such as like post a photo together, or happy post statement. And i dont like a sad posting, ngga dibilang ga suka sih, tapi rada pegel juga ya kalo tiap hari posting status yg galau, sedih, dan sebagainya. Misal:  "dicuekin habis2an, ditelpon ga diangkat, mau nya apa sih?bener bener ga ada waktu buat aku???".
If this situation for teenagers, ok fine. But for us as a pre adult 20 - 30? C'mon... its just a status in relationship as a boyfriend, as a girlfriend, not in engaged, not married. just take it easy guys... if they dont have a time for you, do your own life. Just enjoy your life, world still exist if they dont exist. Ga melulu kan hidup itu untuk pacaran doank? Janganlah terlalu menuntut suatu hubungan dari mereka, istilahnya jangan terlalu cinta. Kalau beneran cinta mereka pasti ga bakalan merasa seperti di paksa atau dikejar kejar untuk selalu nunjukin rasa sayang atau cinta. Mereka pasti selalu ada waktu kok buat kalian. And who knows, they act like they dont care with you, because they've been trying to struggle for saving money to be with you in the future... yes?? Yes!! Just think positive.
Kalaupun ternyata ngga seperti itu pasti akan keliatan juga kok.

Jumat, 02 Januari 2015

how much we know Muhammad SAW

Repost from tweet account @salimafillah.

Sekenal apa kita pada Sang #Nabi ﷺ? Mohon izin merangkum beberapa sifat beliau dari hadits-hadits dalam Asy Syamail karya Imam At Tirmidzi

1. Perawakan Sang #Nabi ﷺ tidak tinggi, tidak pendek. Rambutnya tidak keriting, tak pula lurus. Wajah beliau tak bulat, bukan pula persegi

2. Kulit Sang #Nabi ﷺ cerah, putih kemerah-merahan. Rambutnya disisir ketika sebahu, digerai ketika sepapak daun telinga. Dahi beliau lebar

3. Alis Sang #Nabi ﷺ melengkung panjang, tebal, & nyaris bertaut di tengah. Di antara keduanya terdapat urat yang memerah kala beliau marah

4.Bola mata Sang #Nabi ﷺ indah & hitam, bulu matanya lentik menawan. Hidungnya mancung, bagian atasnya memancar cahaya. Dua pipinya datar

5. Janggut Sang #Nabi ﷺ menggaris dari depan telinga, menebal menuju dagu. Mulutnya lebar, gigi-giginya besar, dari selanya memancar cahaya

6. Dari bawah janggut Sang #Nabi ﷺ menggalur ke bawah bebulu halus, lewat leher, melebat di dada, melajur bagai tongkat hingga ke pusarnya

7. Leher Sang #Nabi ﷺ jenjang & indah. Perut beliau sama rata dengan dadanya nan bidang. Jarak antara kedua bahu lebar. Persendiannya kokoh

8. Lengan Sang #Nabi ﷺ panjang, tapak tangan lebar & tebal, jemarinya ramping. Telapak kaki beliau cekung, halus hingga airpun tak menempel.

9. Sang #Nabi ﷺ berjalan dengan langkah kaki lebar, begitu langsam seolah menuruni bukit, tubuh beliau ikut berguncang anggun tiap langkah

10. Bila menoleh, #Sang Nabi ﷺ berbalik dengan seluruh badan, lebih sering menunduk dibanding mendangak, melihat dengan sepenuh perhatian.

11. Dulu #Nabi ﷺ suka menyisir rambut ke belakang mirip Ahli Kitab. Saat nyata keingkaran mereka, beliau selisihi dengan menyisir belahnya

12. Sang #Nabi ﷺ suka meminyaki rambutnya. Kata Anas, uban beliau nan kurang dari 20 helai jadi tersamar. Beliau gemar merapikan janggutnya

13. Sang #Nabi ﷺ menyukai celak itsmid yang beliau gunakan menjelang tidurnya. Tiga kali untuk kanan & kiri; sejuk & menumbuhkan bulu mata.

14. Di antara pakaian kesukaan Sang #Nabi ﷺ adalah gamis yang putih, hibarah merah buatan Yaman, & baju sampir 2 helai warna hijau & hitam

15. Sang #Nabi ﷺ berminyak wangi di seluruh tubuhnya. Istri beliau mengoleskan di sekujur badan, lalu beliau sendiri harumkan bagian ‘aurat
16. Jari manis Sang #Nabi ﷺ dilingkari cincin perak bermata batu hitam Habasyah, ditulisi “Muhammad Rasul Allah”; dilepas jika ke Peturasan.

17. Sang #Nabi ﷺ menyimpan selalu selimut Khadijah; kenangan menenangkan saat beliau terguncang wahyu pertama, & di dalamnya beliau diseru.

18. Sang #Nabi ﷺ gesit berolahraga lari. Kadang bersama istri. Kadang anak-anak kecil; beliau lombakan siapa dulu yang mampu tangkap beliau.

19. #Nabi ﷺ suka minum susu dari wadah yang sama dengan istrinya, ditepatkan di bekas bibirnya. Anggur, zaitun, & buah lain; segigit berdua.

20. Tidur Sang #Nabi ﷺ tidak tengkurap. Jika miring berbantal tapak tangan, kaki disilang. Jika telentang, kaki kanan diletak di atas kiri.

21. Kadang dalam renung khusyu’, Sang #Nabi ﷺ duduk dengan 1 lutut diangkat menempel perut. Suka bersandar bantal, tapi bukan di saat makan.

22. #Nabi ﷺ suka mandi bersama & bercanda bermain air dengan istri-istrinya, bahkan pada Saudah nan tua. Usia tak menghalangi kemesraan itu."

23. Penutup kepala kesayangan #Nabi ﷺ ialah surban hitam, dikenakan dengan ujung menjatuh di pundak. Sandalnya bertali dua dari kulit hewan

24. Makanan kesukaan #Nabi ﷺ -yang jarang beliau nikmati- adalah paha kambing. Camilannya hais; campuran kurma rendam, kismis, & susu masam.

25. #Nabi ﷺ yang penuh cinta memberi nama bebarang miliknya; dari perkakas rumah-tangga, bejana, gelas, kuda, unta, keledai, pedang, tombak.

26. #Nabi ﷺ makan roti dari tepung utuh tak diayak (dulu dianggap rendah; kini sehat berserat), lauknya garam, minyak zaitun, cuka, & labu.

27. #Nabi ﷺ tak pernah mencela makanan. Jika menyukainya, beliau memakannya penuh syukur. Jika tidak suka, beliau cukup diam tanpa komentar.

28. #Nabi ﷺ mengerjakan sendiri segala urusan rumahtangga yang beliau bisa; menambal baju sobek, menjahit sandal rusak, hingga memerah susu.

29. #Nabi ﷺ amat suka bersiwak bersih gigi; saat hendak shalat, hendak tilawah, hendak menemui tamu/sahabat, juga tiap kali menjumpai istri.

30. #Nabi ﷺ tak pernah jijik pada istri yang sedang haidh (seperti kebiasaan Arab & Yahudi); beliau tetap bermesra, hanya menghindari jima’.

31. Saat ‘Aisyah haidh, #Nabi ﷺ bersandar di pangkuannya sambil tilawah; atau meletakkan kepala di antara kaki ‘Aisyah, tidur dalam hangat.

32. Bahkan tuk shalat malam, #Nabi ﷺ minta izin pada istri nan lagi bersama di ranjang; “Apa kau ridha jika malam ini aku menghadap Rabbku?

33. Karena sempitnya kamar #Nabi ﷺ, tahajjud beliau menghadap ‘Aisyah berbaring. Jika hendak sujud, diisyarati kaki sang istri agar ditekuk.

34. Sang #Nabi ﷺ amatlah pemalu, lebih tersipu dibanding gadis dalam pingitannya. Tak pernah terbahak, hanya senyum tulusnya semanis madu

35. Jika dihadapkan pada pilihan, Sang #Nabi ﷺ selalu mengambil hal yang ringan & mudah; selama ia tak jatuh pada apa yang dilarang Allah


Wishlist on Twenty Fifteen

Mungkin kebanyakan orang nyebutnya 'resolusi', Tapi kalo saya lebih suka nyebutnya hope atau wishlist.

Sejak tahun 2009, pas aku di diagnosa sakit lupus sama dokter, aku mulai menyisipkan satu harapan atau wishlist tiap tahunnya. Awal-awal emang ngeri banget punya penyakit beginian, sediiih sekali. Tapi lama kelamaan aku lebih bawa sakit ini ke arah 'cuek'.

Cuek bukan dalam arti jadi ga semangat, masa bodoh, atau ngga minum obat. Cuek dalam arti "ya udah sih anggap aja kaya ngga sakit", atau "ya udah sih minum aja obat-obatnya, anggap aja vitamin c yg rasanya manis asem". Dalam arti merawat satu sakit itu untuk ngga dimanjain atau takut ini takut ituuu...

Alhamdulillah, sakit lupus ini gak separah sama temen - temen lupus lainnya dan aku sangat bersyukur. Sampai saat ini juga sudah merasa lebih enak dan sehat dari tahun tahun sebelumnya. Tapi untuk hampir setiap bulannya selama aku kerja kantoran, aku masih sering bolos kerja karna sakit, entah itu karna pusing, darah rendah, tulang linu, maag, atau menc*et. Heheheeee.... selebihnya gak ada yang parah.
Jadi, harapan dan wishlist aku sederhana untuk sakit ini: "tetaplah bersahabat sama saya, semoga saya tetap sehat, karna kalau sehat saya bisa pergi kemanapun aku mau, dan melakukan apa aja yang saya inginkan"

Itu adalah wishlist pertama,
Yang kedua, aku mau lebih rutin menulis, entah dibuku atau nulis cerita di blog atau dimanapun. Just being my own diary, record all of my activity.

Yang ketiga, i wish i will get my driving license very quickly. I've been riding skuter for almost 2 month, and its really fun. Tapi sayang masih belum bisa punya SIM yang selalu bikin saya deg degan dan grogi sama polisi polisi dipinggir jalan,hahaaa...

Yang keempat, mulai belajar hal hal baru. Watercolour painting sounds interesting for me.

Itu saja sih, ngga terlalu muluk muluk, semoga bisaaaa!!

happy new year 2015!!

Its almost 1 years not posting on my blog. Sebenernya emang ga sempet bgt buat blogging, sekarang lebih banyak posting di instagram, path, sama twitter, kebanyakan sih status pendek pendek saja. Okey, by the way happy new year guys, hope will be better than last year... i dont have any big deal to make some resolution, because i dont think i will achieve that. For this 2 years since 2013 i've been focusing on work, as a recruitment staff in food industry. Maybe, i will focus till i get enough in this company, 2 years? Or after 2 years i will get another job in another company? Till i find the better job,better experience and of course... salary.

This week on very early january 1st of twenty fifteen, i just read my favourite magazine gogirl magazine, isinya tentang blogging!! Jadi langsung keinget sama blog sendiri yang hampir ditinggalkan ini, hihihiiii....

jadi sampai terketuk hati saya untuk punya tekad nulis lagi. Tapi mungkin kepikiran untuk saya agar lebih fokus dan batasin apa saja yang bakal aku tulis di blog. Dan saya pikir aku bakal fokus nulis tentang daily activity aja, yang menarik untuk di tulis, mmm or actually like my own diary??.

Lets back on december was, too busy on work jadi jarang jalan, jajan, nonton dan i was so bored. Apalagi kalau kerja kantoran hanya nunggu gaji yang selalu ada di akhir bulan, serasa tanggal tanggal 25 keatas tuh tanggal super duper ngiritt. But it doesnt mean saya ngga bisa nabung loh hahaaaa....

On a very desperately situation last december ago, my friend fida send me some invitation to watch a movie. Merry Riana Mimpi Sejuta Dolar, sebelumnya emang kepikiran buat nonton film ini pas libur tahun baru, lagi pula udah baca bukunya juga dan bagus bgt bukunya. Tadinya awal awal beli bukunya tuh gara-gara kalo ke toko buku sering banget liat bukunya dipajang entah di list best seller atau buku motivasi. Pasti selalu ada iklan yg terdengar berulang ulang ketika di toko buku dan itu suaranya merry riana sendiri. Awalnya rada skeptis sih, buku apaan sih? Siapa sih? Paling bukunya kebanyakan kata-kata motivasi doank dan sempet kepikir buku ini tuh ngajarin kita jadi sales hehehe. Tapi akhirnya beli bukunya jugaa hahahaaa.... setelah dibaca ternyata Bagus!!!

Baguslah akhirnya akhirnya buku ini dibikin versi filmnya and so lucky i got a free ticket as a blogger. Thank you so much fida my friend, fyi: fida is one of the merry riana staff, kurang tahu juga sih staff apa, pokoknya super sibuk banget ini anak.

What a shame on me, i dont bring the book!! Ugh, sebenernya belum di balikin sama temen yg minjem, padahal kan bisa minta tanda tangannya.

Saya pribadi filmnya sama bukunya sama, dan bagus! Penuh inspirasi dan bikin kita termotivasi, apalagi actingnya chelsea islan sebagai merry riana cukup bagus, intinya dia nggak takut jelek disitu, mungkin sedikit over di awal awal scene tapi itu nunjukin kok kalo dia all out untuk peran ini, ga sabar pengen liat aktingnya di film 'dibalik98'. Dan ada satu peran yang bikin film ini tambah lucu yaitu orang singapore yg perannya sebagai bosnya merry, itu sumpah lucu banget! Dia pasti selalu bilang "i like drama" hahahaa....

 There's a good enough rite?

MMmm kira kira kapan lagi ya bisa ketemu mba merry untuk sekedar minta tanda tangannya? Mungkin saya harus colek fida temen saya untuk nitip buku buat minta tanda tangan hehehee...

Terus... beberapa quote atau kutipan kutipan dari film ini cukup bisa membekas di hati dan pikiran saya, seenggaknya semacam bekal sehari hari. quote-quote ini patut diingat ingat apalagi untuk mulai tahun baru ini dengan brbagai wish list yang udah dibuat. Yeaayy makin semangat deh!

Dan nggak lupa, sebuah kutipan berikut

SHMILY atau See How Much I Love You

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