Selasa, 29 Januari 2013

sweetest guilty pleasure

 being insomnia.... and this is my besties, my sweetest guilty pleasure ever. if you know gula kapas, rambut nenek, good time, hot chocolate delfi, pocky biscuit stick banana, alpenliebe and so many 'cemilan'  i love

tapi kalau dua dibawah ini bukan, ini sehat... heheheee

head piece

assalamualaikum.... still looking for a job, i almost 2 month being jobless but for me just look at the brightside!. di waktu luang dan liburan ini untungnya aku ada kegiatan membuat accessories seperti brooch, corsage, kalung, jepitam dan yang terbaru aku membuat headpiece.... ini dia hasilnyaa.....

headpiece for hijab atau bisa juga yang non hijab

Jumat, 11 Januari 2013

my blog shop

ayuseaning craft

finally i have my own blog shop
please visit there on
you can find accessories brooch, corsage, necklace etc
and also if you want to order you can email me, mention me on twitter @ayuseaning
pin bb or whatsapp by request
thank you


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