Minggu, 16 Maret 2014

cheating on my busy

Since I got a job last year , I dont have much time to my alter ego as a crafter or writer. So I decide to cheating on my busy..

My daily activity now just like an operational job in factory, yeah you can call me as a 'labour' ? Haha...

Monday to saturday, 8 - 4.30, (excuses, I mean 6 - 6.30) . In the morning, finding people to my company, me is a recruitment staff. Test and interview people who have been invited by me and another activity I cant tell you one by one.

In the evening, home at least 6.30 I just do something lazy like, eating, read magazine, novel, and sleeping until morning.

Actually I'm bored with those activity, so for now I'm feelin like, I got my art-crafter passion back to my soul so I did this today :

I dont mean to sell them, because they are only 1 pcs. but if you (maybe) interest to have them please contact me 081210206685 for whatsapp or pin bb 73de4d0d .

another activity to cheat on my busy is food photography. As a amateur, actually. So sorry if its not good as a professional..

I usually upload them on instagram @ayuseaning . 

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